Are you familiar with Hair removal

Hair removal book first style: beeswax

Here, I would like to say seriously if it is not always the body weight, but suddenly the hair is thick and it is recommended to go to the hospital to check the hormone level.

Honey wax is actually divided into cold wax and hot wax. Most of the hot wax is used in Europe and America. Because the use of hot wax is better, cold wax is a sticker product commonly used in China. It saves the heating part and is more convenient. In general, the beauty salon uses hot wax. After heating and melting, apply it to the part you want to remove. The thickness is about 2-3mm. After hardening, it can be peeled off against the hair. When tearing, Be sure to be determined.

Of course, if you are allergic to the skin or the skin is more fragile, don’t use this method. After use, rinse with water and apply moisturizer to the skin.

PS: When using cold wax, pay attention to the fact that the wax paper can be used repeatedly. Generally, it can be maintained for about 3 times before it gradually loses its effectiveness.

Hair Removal Code 2: Scratch

The method of scraping is the fastest and the most simple and painless. You can use a razor or a hair removal knife.

The razor should be the most familiar way of hair removal for sister paper. Compared to the male hair removal knife, the knife face of the ladies hair removal knife will be safer, and there are often lubrication strips at the cutter head to reduce the skin damage during shaving. Damage. Of course, there are electric models for lazy people.

There is a clear drawback to scraping: safety. The high frequency of scraping (only can last for about 3 days) determines that you have to be very careful not to hurt yourself. After all, it is a real knife to go upstream. It is best to keep the blade and skin at an angle of 70 degrees when scraping and in the direction of hair growth. In addition, when the hair grows out, it is obvious. The long-term use of the scraper will also cause some pigmentation, resulting in uneven skin tone.

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