The ways of hair removal

The third style of hair removal book: pull

Use tweezers or a plucking device for hair removal.

Let me talk about the scorpion first. After the extraction, the skin is very smooth and can be kept for a long time, but it hurts! This is the feeling of using a single scorpion. The feeling of using a plucking device is that a large scorpion is crushing your skin. The method of pulling out the hair is not clean, and it is not easy to cause the hair to grow up. It can last for about two weeks.

But there are also drawbacks: the skin will be slack for a long time, the pores will become larger, it is recommended to remove the exfoliation, spray the skin care water to shrink the pores so that the skin will become smoother and comfortable to touch. And the new long thick hair will really soften.

Hair Removal Code 4: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the use of laser “selective photothermal effect”, the laser directly irradiates the hair follicle, so that the latter’s melanin selectively absorbs light energy, thereby generating thermal effect inhibition or reducing hair growth, achieving permanent hair removal effect. Therefore, women with dark hair are suitable for this method, but girls with yellow hair can think of other methods. Ice point hair removal is based on the laser technology, coupled with ice spray, so that the wound is cool and painless to remove excess hair, reducing irritation and pain. Many girls recommend laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is mostly done in hospitals, with a small pain and wants to completely remove hair, at least for a few months. And, um, a little expensive, but once and for all. Although it is permanent, it is necessary to carry out follow-up maintenance such as sun protection, because sun exposure will cause pigmentation and it is likely to grow again.

PS: People with dark skin (not the same as hair black) and scars are a bit unsuitable for this because the laser is locked on melanin, so it is easy to leave white spots on the skin when removing hair.

Hair Removal Collection Bonus: Plucking

The several methods of hair removal mentioned before can be used. Here are some other methods:

Extra method 1: cotton thread pull. However, this method may cause redness and itching caused by pores. It takes about half an hour to be good. It is recommended to get it at night or when you are idle.

Additional method 2: bleaching agent. It is the same as dying our hair, but after all, there are chemical elements, and the specific side effects are not known.

Extra Method 3: Depilatory sponge. Friction and friction, the hair will fall off little by little.

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